Recording and mixing rates are given on a per project basis and will depend on the details of your project. Please call us for a quote!
For music rates please contact David Smith at (314) 647-3900 or email
For corporate rates please contact Kerry Brown at (314) 647-3900 or email


Mastering Rates are per song rather than per hour. However, client attended mastering is $75/hour.
2-4 songs: $50 per song
5-7 songs: $40 per song
8+ songs: $35 per song

PMCD: $10
PMCD copy: $5
Archive: $30

HD Video Production

$125- $150/ hour, 4 hour minimum
HD Camera Package - JVC GY-700 Camera
Sachtler Tripod
LED Lights - 3x1000 watt Instruments and 3x200 watt Instruments (Balances 3200k to 5600K)
Lowell Light Kit (3200k)
2 x Lectrosonic Wireless Mics
HD Monitor
DJI OSMO – Steadycam, shoots 4K

For corporate rates contact Kerry Brown -


Certain larger projects be required to purchase a hard drive for session storage. Hard drives will be given back to the client after the session is completed and paid in full. (NOTE: although we can archive the data during an ongoing project we cannot and will not guarantee the stability of data. Hard drives CAN fail and WILL fail at some point or another. This is a known constant of the universe. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for the stability of data.)

Session Archive

$30 (will be stored for a maximum of 3 years)


$5 each (unless quantities greater than 10 are purchased)


If any PHYSICAL materials are delivered for the scope of the project, Missouri State Law requires the entirety of the project will therefore incur Sales Tax.
Sales tax will not be added to projects that are delivered digitally.