Maplewood, MO

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The first building that was built in what is now known as Maplewood was a log cabin built in 1826. In 1896, a St. Louis City electric streetcar line reached the edge of Maplewood, and a trolly line began operating from downtown St. Louis to the Sutton Loop. Between 1896 and 1906 the population increased from 200 to 4,000, and Maplewood became one of St. Louis' first “inner ring” suburbs. Most of Maplewood's historic homes were built between 1900–1910, and many of these well-preserved homes still stand. Several have remained in the same family for generations.

Maplewood's inevitable incorporation as a city was propelled forward by tragedy. In 1908, the Banner Lumber Company caught fire, resulting in nine Maplewood buildings being destroyed. That same year, the citizens decided to incorporate in order to add their own local fire protection, and they also started their own schools at that time. Maplewood continued to develop rapidly over the next several decades, becoming a busy and popular shopping district and an attractive place to raise a family.

In recent years, due to revitalization efforts, Maplewood has again become a trendy and inviting location. Maplewood is now home to over 450 eclectic businesses, including nationally renowned restaurants and one-of-a-kind specialty shops, a historic bowling alley, and one of the top craft breweries in the country.

Maplewood is centrally located and easily accessible from Highway 44, Highway 40 and Interstate 170.